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My Drum Teaching Studio:
My studio located in my home is made up of all high quality musical instruments. Many teachers today use inferior (low cost) drum kits to teach on, but I believe that training the ear with quality sound also makes up quality players. I have also found that many teachers only use one drum kit to teach on which means that every time the teacher sits down to show the student how to use a lesson the drum kit is set up for the teacher, when the student sits down at the kit, it has to be re-adjusted which is time consuming and uses up valuable time that could be used effectively in the actual teaching of the lesson. I teach using two full drum sets, this way my student(s) can watch me as I watch them.  I do not have you sign any contracts, lessons are paid for at the time of the lesson or a month in advance, what ever works for you. Lessons are 40 minutes long at the cost of $30.00. Cancellations require 24 hour notice or the student is charged the full price of a lesson. A great deal of focus is put on finger control, tone, and dynamics.

My  Drum studio  is set up with the following:  air-conditioning, two professional GMS drum sets, stage lights, digital and analog  recording, video recording, bass reflex speakers, DVD player and TV for watching educational drum videos.  It is my belief  that learning drums and any instrument should be fun, exciting and educational all-in-one. 
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