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My Bio (Page 2):
During a year of complete recuperation, I continue to keep my focus on music by playing my drums to regain stamina and energy.

With several performances in front of me, I was playing music as if nothing ever happened. By 1992, I was struck again by startling news–what I thought was a bad case of the intestinal flu turned out to be a full-blown bowel obstruction that almost took my life! After one month in the hospital, I use the next 6 months of recuperation to sharpen my drum chops to performance skill. I surprised doctors and audiences with my positive thinking, personality and flair for life as a drummer.

In years to follow, I still kept a busy pace with projects by assembling my 12 piece band, Enuff Said. Working with Jarold Davis, joining his fusion band Soup City on a short tour.

In between projects, both bands perform in conduct clinic work in schools, colleges, and music stores, while endorsing several music manufacturers.

I have extensive performance, clinic, and tour experience, including being a faculty member for the Ventura County performing arts foundation. I has also created programs such as " Fun With Drums," and "Drum's not Guns."

I also created what I call the "Blind Real Feel technique."  This technique requires students to attempt their practice sessions while blindfolded in order to sharpen their listening skills, provoking tempo techniques that  diminishes inadequacies and interferences as well as also helps the student learn placement of the drums by instinct. I maintains a busy teaching schedule in addition to all of my music endeavors.

I'm also continuing my work as an author on my upcoming book about my life story titled, Love, Life, and the Ostomy."

CLINICS: I continue to perform at all levels, but I always enjoy my clinic work in schools, colleges, and music stores. I also continue my efforts with Drum–Music workshops with the support of several music manufacturer endorsements.

 PLAYING STYLES: I enjoy playing all styles of music, including my favorites, Funk, Rock, Latin, Jazz, and Big Band. 

Majestic Theatre with Enuff Said (Drum Solo clip)
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